I have bought one smaller doll before so I know quality is great but this one is the best yet, ridiculous good looking... almost looks alive.
She’s as good as advertised. One of the most beautiful sex dolls on the market! I’m happy with her as she was everything I expected. This is a good seller who won’t send you the wrong doll. Fast support and delivery, and great discount ans sale offers!. Thanks Dollgasam!
The quality is excellent and came as pictured and had no damage. Very kind support that answered some questions I had about the doll and the delivery. No problem shipping it discreet and anonymous. The doll is at the highest quality that I normally see, very happy with it! No discount knockoff dolls here.
She looks exactly how she appeared in the photos. Feels like a real girl once you warm her up. I'm super happy with this doll! Will order my next doll from you guys! :). Thanks for the free warming stick , too!!

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